Beer City Runner is the Name, and Fun is the Game


Beer City Runner is the Name, and Fun is the Game


The Beer City Runner, LLC transportation service goes to great lengths to make sure that we arrive EVERY TIME and as close to the time as possible, if not earlier so that our customers are a 100% satisfied. However, there are unfortunately circumstances beyond our control that can causes our shuttle service to be delayed. Should we experience any such problems, we will notify customers as early as possible. Since we understand that time is valuable, our customers can contact the driver or a store representative directly to answer any questions.
Please read the following disclaimer that may affect your booking or pricing.

Valid August 2014 to present

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Beer City Runner reserves the right to alter the route or itinerary of its tours if necessary. No refunds will be given in these circumstances or in the event of any delay, including severe weather conditions or mechanical failure.

Beer City Runner cannot guarantee pick up or drop off times and is not liable for passenger failure to connect with other services or companions resulting from such delays. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings.

Start Times:
Starting at your requested time on your ticket is important to the logistics of Beer City Runner. Therefore any tickets that are not used in accordance with their original pickup times listed on the ticket can be subject to change. Seats will no longer be guaranteed if the initial pickup time is missed. If there is room your group may board but only after tickets for that pickup time are boarded first. We will not inconvenience other riders who show up to their requested pickup on time. If you are going to be late please call and Beer City Runner maybe be able to work around the issue.



The Beer City Runner shuttle can accommodate up to 14 passengers at one time. Due to customers boarding and exiting the runner at different times, we will allow for more than 14 tickets to be purchased for a given night. A redeemed ticket does not guarantee a seat at any given time. If the shuttle is full, you will be notified of the next scheduled stop at your current location.



While we make every effort to safeguard our passengers, Beer City Runner cannot be held liable for any damage, injury, or loss of any kind caused by or resulting from any act or omission by its employees, agents or contractors.


Beer City Runner promotes safe and sober driving. It is the customer’s responsibility to find safe transportation after they are finished with their ride, as Beer City Runner is not liable for any transportation beyond the designated route and schedule.



If a passenger illegitimately uses a fire extinguisher, Beer City Runner reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of up to $2,000.



There will be no smoking or drinking under any circumstances while riding on the Beer City Runner.



Any unclaimed property found in a shuttle bus will be kept for a maximum of 3 months. The owner must contact Beer City Runner within that time to arrange pickup of these items.



Beer City Runner is not a common carrier and therefore can refuse to carry a person whose behavior is detrimental to the enjoyment of the group, including foul language, excessive intoxication, or any other reason at the driver’s discretion. By traveling with Beer City Runner, you agree to accept the authority of the driver and accept their decisions. Any threats to safety, being physical or verbal, or inappropriate behavior may result in removal from the trip. If a driver requires a passenger to leave the trip no refunds will be given and that passenger will be responsible for their own travel arrangements from that point.


SICKNESS (vomiting due to intoxication)

Beer City Runner reserves the right to charge a cleaning and sanitation fee of up to $500 for anyone who becomes ill inside a vehicle as a result of alcohol and/or food consumption.



Tours require a minimum number of passengers to operate. Minimum passenger numbers differ between tours and operators and are subject to change at any time. In circumstances where minimum numbers are not reached an alternative may be offered or a smaller vehicle used. If a tour is cancelled due to minimum passenger numbers not being reached, passengers will be offered an alternate tour option or be provided with a full refund.



All pick up and drop off locations and times published are an estimate only and are subject to change at short notice. Passengers will be advised of correct details at the time of confirmation.



Riders must be 21 years of age. You must be able to provide photo ID upon entering the Beer City Runner. Individual requests may be considered on a case by case basis.



Tickets for Beer City Runner maybe canceled at anytime with no charge. However for a full refund you must give Beer City Runner 48 hours advanced notice. If tickets are not cancelled within the allotted time frame of 48 hours, and you would like to use your tickets at a later date, then please call. Beer City Runner will get your contact information and address and you will be mailed tickets to use for a future date.


For question regarding Terms and Conditions please contact the Customer Service Team at info@beercityrunner.com