Hello all!  We have Ave some super exciting news!  We are starting a second route come November!  We will be adding a 10 passenger van to our repitoire.  It will service these breweries and times as follows:


This will aptly be called our Westside Route.  It will run the first two Saturdays of Nov. and the first two Saturdays of Dec.  For the time being the route is on a trial basis.  We will take a look after the first of the year based on demand if we make it permanent or not.


When buying tickets for the route they either can be found under our tickets tab, in the drop down box:


Or buy just clicking buy tickets.  You then will see two route options:


You can then select which route and pick your ticket date!  The Westside Route info and time can be found when you click the ticket date.  Under each individual ticket for the Westside Route will have the pickup times and locations.

We hope you enjoy, and questions feel free to call 616-499-7762 or email info@beercityrunner.com